The legend of Robert E. McGinnis


The Artist behind the Goddess

The Goddess of Gin image was created for Daffy’s in 2014 by the artist Robert McGinnis, one of the world’s most iconic artists.

McGinnis started his career in the 1960s with works such as the movie posters for Breakfast at Tiffany’s, James Bond, Barbarella and many others. He is famed for his fine art and ability to capture the incredible beauty of his female muses.

Daffy’s distiller, Chris Molyneaux, studied the work of Robert  McGinnis at the University of Edinburgh. Some years later, after working on the recipe for Daffy’s, Molyneaux contacted McGinnis in the hope that he would become involved in the quest to create the world’s best London Dry Gin. To his delight, the artist was fascinated by the idea and they have since become great friends. McGinnis had the vision to create the Goddess of Gin. After several paintings and sketches of Chris’ wife Mignonne, McGinnis immortalised her in the final design as the visualisation and personification of the taste, charm, sophistication, complexity and beauty of Daffy’s Gin.


Childhood and Early Career

Robert E. McGinnis began painting and drawing at an early age after he discovered a passion for drawing his favourite cartoon characters. His father, an accomplished artist himself, often helped Robert with his cartoon drawing, while his mother took him to drawing classes at the Cincinnati Art Museum. After finishing high school, Robert moved to California where he became an apprentice with Disney.

In 1947, when McGinnis was in his early twenties, he began studying in a private art school in Cincinnati, from which he worked in an advertising art studio. During his time at the school McGinnis met with a man who would be a future hero of his – Mr Coby Whitmore – who inspired him to move to New York to have a go at the ‘Big Time’. 

7 Decades of McGinnis

In 1959 the first ‘McGinnis Woman’ was born on the cover of The Red Scarf, a paperback publication for Fawcett Crest. This cover established McGinnis as the ultimate artist to go to for detective novel artwork. The ‘McGinnis Woman’ was always attractive, intelligent, alluring, and most of all, mysterious. Most of McGinnis’s women hold eye contact with the viewer of the painting, adding to the intrigue.  
Over the decades McGinnis has worked in many styles, evolving and constantly developing his talents. He has created material for book producers in almost every genre, along with material for major magazines such as the Saturday Evening Post, Cosmopolitan and National Geographic. 
He graced Hollywood with his work, creating movie posters for many of Hollywood’s most iconic movies. McGinnis has painted legendary historic, romantic and western paintings and a great many gallery and fine art pieces. 

At the age of ninety, McGinnis continues to work, having never lost his passion for his art. His work is still as vital as ever.

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