Daffy’s Hero

Daffy’s Hero

Daffy’s Hero

Scoot grew up in the Fife and moved to Edinburgh eight years ago to study engineering.  Whilst at university, Scoot became a bartender working part time at Harvey Nichols three years ago, where he claims to have learned everything he knows about cocktails.  Scoot moved to conquer London working in a bar in Chelsea for a summer between his last two University years.

As well as working at Panda & Sons, Scoot is also the front runner behind the Gin Gents project – a global quest of re-education of drinking gin with ground breaking ideas for consumers and the bar industry.

Your Vocation?
Bar Tender – Panda & Sons

What do you love most about what you do?
I love the social aspects that the job brings to my life, working in a busy atmosphere is something quite cool and not many jobs out there offer that. It’s always rewarding when some of my own creations feature menus in different establishments I’ve worked in.

What is it about Daffy’s gin that excites you?
The first time I tried it, I liked the citrusy and minty freshness of the gin. It definitely has potential to stand out in a crowd.

What made you start the Gin Gents project?
The Gin Gents started out as a bit of fun after 5 years at university I found I had lots of spare time. The plan is to create a website to help consumers drink gin in bars and at home.

Toughest things about what you do?
Hospitality (at any level) requires a thick skin, difficult situations and having other customers/managers/chefs screaming down your ear about what you’ve done wrong. Juggling all of these together took time.

Top tip for anyone wanting to be a great mixologist?
Be patient, when learning, it took me 6 months before I got recognition which can be frustrating. Learn everything from your peers and always ask chefs for advice, they have the best palates and probably the most honest.

Best customer you ever had?
In the Botanist in London, I was challenged by a customer to create cocktails on the spot and make classic cocktails that weren’t on the list. He left me a generous tip and invited me out to Holland to work a birthday party which I couldn’t attend unfortunately due to family commitments.

Worst customer you ever had?
This is a hard one because usually in my job, the good outweighs the bad. There was one customer who was very drunk and refused to leave when I asked him to. Long story short I had to get the police out to help me.

Most ridiculous thing you have ever seen in a bar?
Recently I witnessed someone knock themselves out when I was working on a Friday night. I had to close the bar early to get paramedics out to help me.

Most amazing party you have been to any why was it so good?
I worked a private party for a 40th Birthday party, it was insane – so much alcohol for one night, three bands and a DJ. Busiest and most fun shift I’ve ever had.

Greatest place you have ever travelled to and why?
Turkey this year, I want to get married there on the beach I was at.

Three celebrities you would invite to dinner?
Stephen Fry, Jeremy Paxman & Kevin McCloud.

Favourite album?
The Rooms Too Cold by the Early November, I have it tattooed on my right arm.

Possibly the greatest book ever written?
My favourite – Eddie Would Go.

Greatest gig ever seen?
Drive Thru Records Tour 2003. Unreal.