Daffy’s Core Serve Competition 2018 with Drinks Inc.

Daffy’s Core Serve Competition 2018 with Drinks Inc.

Daffy’s Gin Core Serve Competition with Drinks Inc.

Capture the spirit of Daffy’s – is your Daffy’s cocktail our latest Core Serve?


Bartenders of Northern Ireland, here’s how you can win an exclusive trip to the Daffy’s Gin highland distillery and have your winning cocktail featured on every bottleneck booklet of Daffy’s sold across the globe in 2018.

Daffy’s Gin annual cocktail competition arrives in Belfast for the first time and is now open for entrants. Being held at Filthy Chic, the 2018 competition challenges bartenders to create a drink inspired by Daffy’s sense of adventure, innovation and great flavour.

Kicking off with a Daffy’s masterclass from co-founder and master distiller Chris Molyneaux with the chance to taste some one-off distillates from the brand home. Bartenders will compete in the ‘mystery box’ and ‘speed round for a chance to win a case of limited edition gins followed by presenting their core serve – for the ultimate prize of a trip to Daffy’s highland histillery and to feature on all Daffy’s bottles for a year.  

Stick around for a fun evening and to sample complimentary refreshments and Daffy’s new 2018 competition winning core serve.



Mystery Box

A fun chance for you to get creative with mystery ingredients. You will be given 5 minutes to plan you drink from a selection of mystery ingredients.

Speed Round

Bartenders are challenged to make 4 drinks in under 5 minutes (D&T, Daffy’s Martini, French 75 and Negroni)

Cocktail Criteria 

 Create a drink based on Daffy’s sense of adventure, innovation and great taste to be featured as one of our core serves on Daffy’s 2018 bottleneck booklet.

  • The drink must be innovative but contain commonly found ingredients, readily available for the cocktail to be made at home
  • Drink must contain minimum 35mls Daffy’s
  • Maximum 1 homemade ingredient (no homemade bitters or tinctures allowed)
  • Bar must stock Daffy’s via DrinskInc to enter.

 Core serve 

Bartenders will present their core serve (two of the same drink) and will have 7 minutes to set up and explain their creation (N.B. you are not getting marked on brand knowledge, simply tell us what’s in your drink and why it works).

For more information and to enter, speak to your Drinks Inc. ‘rep and submit your cocktail to ella@daffysgin.com by 3rd April 2018.