Daffy’s Chocs

Daffy’s Chocs

Daffy’s Chocolate Delights

We love gin and we love chocolate!

Gin and chocolate have both been around since pretty much the dawn of time.

Gin from Europe chocolate from Mesoamerica, with evidence of chocolate beverages dating back a day or two to circa 1900BC. Aztecs believed that cacao seeds were in fact the gift of Quetzalcoatl the God of Wisdom… we have seen that gin is indeed the gift of Daffy!

Daffy’s and chocolate then has to be the perfect match – The Goddess of Gin and the God of Wisdom reunited.

As a special treat for all of our fellow Daffs who also adore some fine food and especially chocolate, we have created your ‘match made in heaven’, just in time for Valentine’s Day…and indeed all other days!

Daffy’s has collaborated with Felicity’s Chocolate, based in the small Scottish Highland town of Alford Aberdeenshire. Felicity has created some wonderful white cocoa and red berry chocolates, that when enjoyed together take Daffy’s and Felicity’s chocolates to another level!

Felicity has by hand, designed and made chocolates marked with four of our botanicals, each expressing the perfect complement to Daffy’s gin.

How to get your hands on some….
We are gifting a box of these chocolates to anyone who purchases a bottle of Daffy’s from our website over the next week, but you will also find them in the following stockists listed below, if you have a last minute dash for a Valentines present then you’ll know where to find it!

We would love to hear your thoughts on social media of how it feels when the God and Goddess meet.

Stockists: Locketts in North Berwick, Good Spirits Co in Glasgow, Bon Vivant’s Companion and Vino in Edinburgh, Vineyard in Belfast, J l Gill Whisky in Crieff and CA Rookes in Stratford on Avon.

Happy Valentines!