We Love Gin

We Love Gin

We Love Gin

From gin and tonics while relaxing on holiday, to kick starting the best of parties, to the comfort of a sloe gin by a roaring fire in the heart of winter, a good martini with a group of friends, to a cocktail tailor made that pleases the most discerning of palates.

Our mission was to create a gin that brings all of these and more to you.

Our quest was to create a gin that can be enjoyed in the same way as Scottish malt whisky. To do this, we have used similar methods to the Scottish whisky distillation process when making our gin- small batch production on a copper pot still with attention to the smallest and most important details in the production process and the ingredients in this process. In doing this we have managed to create something quite special, a gin that can be enjoyed straight with its many beautiful, complex and well balanced flavours. This gin is Daffy’s.

We also wanted to produce a gin that was quintessentially Scottish in character. Many of the world’s best gins are made in Scotland and the identity of what a Scottish gin is and could be, was a great question to explore. For us, we decided that we wanted this to mean that the character of our gin would reflect some of the great character of Scotland and it’s food and drinks heritage- the woody cask flavours of whisky, fresh grassy notes, toffee and caramel also. With Daffy’s we have achieved this, while all the time retaining the core character of the finest traditional gin possible to produce.

Along the way we experimented with many varieties of botanicals. Some of these produced fascinating results like gorse flower with its strong coconut aromas or the sulphurous and slightly less palatable milk thistle known for its powerful detox properties. In the end we found exceptional varieties of lemons from Spain, Angelica Root from Belgium, Orris Root from Morocco and all of our other carefully sourced botanicals that when distilled alongside our Lebanese Mint from Zhale, the capital of the wine growing Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, created something that made us very happy indeed, and we hope that you will love and share it too.


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