We’re very excited to announce the launch of our first Foraged Edition Gin as an exclusive collaboration with Harvey Nichols on the 6th of March.

Our hand foraged Geranium Gin will be available in all UK Harvey Nichols stores as a 20cl gin and gin goblet gift set. In-store tastings are scheduled over the month of March in Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds and London to sample and celebrate this collaboration.

Making this unique Geranium Gin started in the summer when the Geranium leaves around Daffy’s Highland distillery at Strathmashie are at their peak. The leaves are all foraged by hand and macerated for just over seven months to make this unique gin. Expect unique and exceptionally lively herbal and floral notes with subtle hints of fresh citrus. This Geranium Gin is best enjoyed with plenty of ice a crisp tonic, mint and garnished with a slice of red grapefruit.

Around 1100 geranium leaves were collected to make this small batch of special gin. a small allocation will be available on our website shop, for those unable to make it to a store.

Our Master Distillery Chris says; “We are super excited to have created this small batch masterpiece with Harvey Nichols. One of the most exciting things about our distillery in the Highlands is that we are immersed in nature, surrounded by diverse and plentiful botanicals. This is a central part of our gin school where we teach distilling and the first time that we have released for purchase one of our small batch foraged gins. To have done this in collaboration with Harvey Nichols is a very special and proud moment for us”

The Daffy’s Foraged Gin Gift Set RRP £23.00. Available from the 6thof March at Harvey Nichols UK stores and online at daffysgin.com.

 The ultimate way to enjoy your Daffy’s Foraged Gin  – The Geranium & Tonic

50ml Daffy’s Geranium Gin, fresh mint, 1 wedge of red grapefruit, favourite tonic

Fill a chilled, tall glass with ice. Pour 1 part gin and 2 parts of your favourite premium tonic over ice. Squeeze the grapefruit wedge and garnish with generous sprig of fresh mint.

Geranium Gin Tasting Notes:

Nose– vibrant fresh herbal, spicy, toffee and citrus

Palate– Alive with fresh green geranium, secondary floral and citrus notes

Finish– warm complex spice, elegant light herbal, spicy with great length,



Interested in making your very own foraged gin with us? Don’t just take or word for it, watch George’s vlog and book on our Gin School page.