Daffy’s ‘World Best’ Martini

Seven years on from the launch of our multi-award winning Daffy’s London Dry Gin and a year since the launch of our Mulberry Gin, the Daffy’s family welcomes its newest member, Daffy’s official ‘World’s Best Martini’ competition winning Orange Blossom Martini. Available exclusively online in our website store at Daffysgin.com

In 2017 the midst of some very impressive gin company and competition, Daffy’s Orange Blossom Martini was officially crowned the ‘World’s Best Martini’ at London’s annual World’s Best Martini’ competition.

This has now, for the first time, been bottled as our ‘ready to serve’ Martini to enjoy at home exactly as it is served in many of the world’s best bars.

Daffy’s pioneering ‘slow-cook’ distillation process delivers unparalleled depth of flavour, complexity, finesse and smoothness, making it perfect to create the ultimate classic Martini.

Our Martini is crafted at a 4:1 Daffy’s to vermouth ratio and bottled at the perfect Martini ABV of 29%, ready to be served ice-cold straight from the cooler.

Tasting Notes:

On the nose there are delicate aromas of orange blossom met with hints of spice and fresh juniper. On the palate, super smooth with strong body and delicious herbal freshness, lively citrus and the smoothest mouthfeel. In short, Daffy’s Orange Blossom Martini is the perfect balance of complexity and elegance. Enjoy!